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I-3 Eclipse Plugin Installation

Installation from an Update Site

Install the plugin for handling generation of XML files and running models from the menu with a right mouse click in the Eclipse Package Explorer View, from the update site.

If your firewall settings prevent you from connecting to the "Update Site", then please open [Window]->[Preferences...]->[Install/Update], and put a check in [Enable HTTP proxy connection] in the proxy settings section, and set the address and port to match your network environment.
If you are unable to connect, please carry out an install using the zip pack below.

The procedure on Eclipse 3.2.1 is as below.

  1. From the Eclipse menu select [Help]->[Software Updates]->[Find and Install...].
  2. Check [Search for new features to install], and click on [Next].
  3. Click on [New Remote Site...].
  4. In the New Update Site dialog, enter simBio or some other name that you like in the [Name:] field and the address http://www.sim-bio.org/eclipse/update/ in the [URL:] field, then click on [OK].
    Figure 1-3-1 eclipse plugin update site for simBio
  5. Check [smBio], then click [Finish]
    Visit to check plugin
  6. The installation dialog will appear, so check [simBio], and click on [Next].
    Figure 1-3-2 installation dialog
  7. Accept the license, then click on [Next >]
    Accept License
  8. Click on [Finish].
  9. When the inspection dialog appears, click on [Install All].
    Figure 1-3-3 inspection dialog
  10. When the Install/Update dialog appears, click on [Yes] or [Apply Changes].

Install from zip pack

If you cannot connect to the update site from Eclipse, access the SourceForge simBio download page and download simBio.Eclipse.Plug-in-*.bin.zip, and extract it to the Eclipse folder (c:\eclipse).

Files will be created in the following two folders.

  • C:\eclipse\features\org.simBio.feature_*
  • C:\eclipse\plugins\org.simBio.eclipse_*