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Feature Request ID FR-1:2: MS2 on how to release distributed computation packages


To release packages for distributed computation at SourceForge. The JavaSpace and JavaSpaceClient projects are now located in a private repository.

This aim is divided into 4 milestones. This is Milestone 2 (MS2).


Correct Bug ID 14. For more information see simBio Bug Tracking System.

There are limitations in that simBio and JavaSpace project should be independent while JavaSpaceClient can depend on simBio and JavaSpace.

System Design

To fix Bug ID 14

  1. Move the method getMaxThreads from ParseXMLs.java in the JavaSpaceClient project to ParameterChanger.java in the simBio project. Also include error handling for number format exceptions in this method (Thread is not a number).
  2. Set the variable maxThreads in the class ResultGenerator's method demo by calling this method.
  3. Remove the code Run.setMaxThreads(protocol.getMaxThreads()) in JSEntry.java.


  1. Make a new testcase in simBio which test if Bug ID 14 is solved (randomizer threads="4"). I will do this by creating a stub of matsuoka_et_al_2003/Fig.1B.protocol.xml with threads set to 4 and run this protocol in ResultGeneratorTest as a new testcase, testMultiThreads.
  2. Test that all existing testcases in the simBio project still works.

Test Result

All the specified tests have been run with successful result.

Committed Files

The version has been tagged to JavaSpace_MS2 in the simBio_mikael project. After the increment was accepted it was merged to the simBio project.